Twelve Weeks

Hi everyone!

Twelve weeks ago, Ace at Delta 2 looked like this (screenshot thanks to Phil).
newly hatched eaglet at Delta 2, courtesy of Phil

And this is what she looks like now (screenshot thanks to Wonderosity).
12 week old eaglet branching at Delta 2, courtesy of Wonderosity


Twelve weeks ago, Sandy at Harrison Mills looked like this (screenshot thanks to IrishEyes).
the egg that would become Sandy at Harrison Mills, courtesy of IrishEyes

And now he looks like this (screenshot thanks to Yolande).
9-wek-old Sandy at Harrison Mills, courtesy of Yolande

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow - wow!


Twelve weeks ago, we had 18 people in our monthly donor program, donating a bit over $500 a month.
18 donors - $502

And this is what our monthly donor program looks like now.  The chicks are getting bigger, some of our expenses are getting bigger - and our monthly donations are down.
13 donors - $349

We do have more people watching and posting - and that is wonderful!  Almost 2000 people saw the pictures I posted on our Facebook page of Ace branching for the first time - also wonderful!  And there are several chat sites following one or more of our cams, and using a shared love of wildlife as the basis for forming an online community - wow!

And I know there are more than 13 people who'd like to keep this going - who want to see Ace fledge and spend a week or two coming and going, before she (or maybe he - it is hard to tell!) heads off to explore the world and look for salmon.  And who want to see Sandy make his (or maybe her) move out to branches like those Ace has been exploring - and that will probably happen in a few weeks - Sandy is exactly three weeks younger than Ace - but is doing a lot of flapping so may branch when he's a couple of days younger. 

And I'm guessing many of those watching aren't in a place where they could make a major donation (if you are, you can adopt a nest for $250 - or adopt all four of our nests for $1000!  And anyone who adopts all four nests will get a special small but cute gift from me!).  I know only too well that won't work for everyone - but - if you're enjoying the cams, and enjoying the eagles - could you make a monthly donation to keep this all happening?  $25/month would be great - but if 10 more people gave $10/month - that would be another $100 per month towards the $800/month we absolutely must have to pay for the servers, or the website, forum and cameras all go offline.

And those of you who are in our monthly donor program - any chance you could add $5 or 10 to your monthly donation? 

And - I believe in what we're doing - and I want it to continue - but I'm not a skilled fundraiser.  If a few of you who are reading this and support our work actually know how to ask for money - we could use some help.  Please contact me ( or Karen Bills ( - I know there are people who support our work and would support us if we only knew how to approach them, and we need help with that.

I was going to say that I saved the best for last - but that's not quite true, and I love all of our eaglets, so best isn't quite right - but it is exciting news.  Our White Rock eagles chose to build a new nest this year, just barely visible at the edge of what our cams can do - and one of their chicks is our first fledge, having quite a tour of the neighborhood on July 11, and returning to the nest tree to be fed.  Here's a great picture by DDuckies2 of the adventurer in a nearby tree, before returning home for dinner (doesn't he or she blend in?  Great spotting by our ground observers!).
fledgling at White Rock, courtesy of DDuckies

So - we'd love your support - please click the cute button below to see all the ways to donate, and to support our work and keep our cams streaming.  Thank you!

picture of eaglet flapping with link to donate

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