What Does It Cost - Part 3

What Does It Cost to Watch an Eaglet Grow?

Part II

We have our first Hancock Wildlife chick of the year , hatched at 6:21 am this morning (April 18) at our Delta 2 nest. Here's our first look at the chick, courtesy of PatB:

And a bit of luck, we'll be seeing a lot of moments like these over the next week or so (clicks a lot bigger - and you can read more about what's happening in each picture here):

I want to thank everyone who has donated in the last few weeks in anticipation of this moment - we have six new nest adoptions plus a $100 donation - and we now have 18 people in our monthly donor program, giving a total of $522/month!

I wish that was enough to cover our expenses - but it's not.

It costs $800/month for the server in Vancouver that hosts our website, forum, photos - and cameras. Internet costs are donated for some of our cams, but not for all - and that's another roughly $300/month. Site visits to fix those things that can't be fixed remotely average $350 per month per site - so another $1400 on average. That's about $2500/month - not including the time our amazing tech person puts in working from home or at the server location in Vancouver.

Can you help us make this happen?

We have several options to suggest:
- you can adopt a nest for $250 (read more here)
- you can join our monthly donor program - and thanks to those who have done that! (read more here)
- or you can donate whatever feels right (five easy ways to donate)


 If you'd like to know more about donating, there's lots of info if you click the "Five Ways" button, and you can read about CanadaHelps here.


I'll close with another picture from this morning and a preview of coming attractions. Here he or she is, looking more chick-like at just 3 hours old, courtesy of byline - and if you look closely, you can see a little bump in the second egg, just behind #1's head - it's also in the process of hatching. love

A big thank you to all the zoomers and observers who bring us images like this and record them for all to see - and to everyone who helps keep all this going.

Thank You!

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