What Does It Cost - Part 2

What Does It Cost to Watch an Eaglet Grow?

Quite a lot, actually.

To make sure we don't miss moments like these (clicks a lot bigger):

we need about $3750 a month.

This is one week in the life of an eaglet (with a second eaglet included in some images at no extra charge).

And as I write this - if all goes well - we are about three weeks away from our first chick of the year at the Hancock nests - and this week has been a powerful reminder of why we need your help to keep everything going so we can see that first chick hatch and grow and (if all goes well) fly off in search of salmon this summer.

Here's Mom at our Delta 2 nest on March 10, with the first egg of the year, courtesy of sydie.

Today, March 25, one of the two Delta 2 cams is offline. Our amazing tech person has tried every trick he knows - and take it from me, he knows a lot - and he can't get it going again without a site visit. Or maybe two, if he gets out there and discovers that some really obscure part he doesn't carry with him has failed, and he needs to go into Vancouver to get a replacement.

And we're not sure what our Lafarge pair is going to do this year. They are a new pair - we sadly lost Ma Lafarge last year, but a charming (maybe young) new female arrived on the scene, and we think she has captured Pa's heart. We're calling her Lady Lafarge - and it's been looking as if they are getting close to laying their first eggs as a pair. But for a week or so, the Lafarge cam has been streaming for about 2 minutes, then freezing, so we need to keep refreshing the feed to see what's happening. Our tech guy was at Lafarge today - and it looks as if he needs to replace the router, so the cam is down until he can do that. And we actually are very lucky - he does have backup routers - but he needed one visit to find out that was the problem, and will need a second visit to install and configure the new router.

And while all this is going on, we've had hackers attacking our main servers, and our tech person has had to spend a lot of time keeping them from destroying all of this. He's winning - but you may have noticed that there are times when the forum doesn't come up quickly, or you have trouble posting - and that's the hackers. I have to say - I really do not get this - if they focused as much energy on curing cancer or ending hunger or saving the world in other ways as they do on showing they can destroy something, the world would be so much better. But it is what it is, and that's taking a lot of his time.

I suspect if he was independently wealthy, he'd do all this for the sheer fun of it - but he's not. And keeping food on the table and gas in the van and - oh, yeah - paying for electricity and internet fees so he can see the cams - is important. He's doing a whole lot for us (quite a bit that he doesn't bill us for) - and we need to come up with the money to cover his expenses. And he's let us run up a bit of a bill - but there is a limit.

We don't have corporate sponsorship or the resources of a university behind us, and David Hancock, who has given so much over the last 10 years, isn't in a position to help this year. If we're going to keep this going through another nesting season, we're going to have to find a way to raise the money to make it happen.

We have several options to suggest:
- you can adopt a nest for $250 (read more here)
- you can join our monthly donor program - and thanks to those who have done that! (read more here)
- or you can donate whatever feels right (five easy ways to donate)

And we'd love to have more people involved with the fundraising - I know there are some great people and great ideas out there! If you're interested or have suggestions, please let me (judyb@hancockwildlife.org) or Karen Bills (karen@hancockwildlife.org) know.

We have two eggs at Delta 2; the White Rock pair have at least one egg in their new nest (not the close-up view we had last year, but we can see them, and we may be able to adjust the cam once the chicks hatch); and we think there might be an egg at the Lafarge pair's Pandora nest, which has a great local observer team - and the Harrison Mills pair has been spending a lot of time getting their nest ready, so I expect eggs within the next week.

Like everyone reading this post, I'd love to see them all hatch and grow into strong young eagles.

Please donate today and help make that happen (if you'd like to know more about donating, there's lots of info if you click the "Five Ways" button).


Thank you!

P.S. Those of you who know me know there's a story behind each of the pictures in the collage at the top - and I'd planned to write those before posting this - but with two cams down and a major issue affecting our server, I think I need to post this now, because we really need your help now. I'll do another post in a few days with a link to the stories behind the pictures.

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