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I admit I'm not quite ready - but I'm seeing holiday decorations popping up - and it got me thinking about what I might say when my family asks, as they often do, what I'd like for a present this year. And I'm thinking I might want this:

(credit - IrishEyes)

Not the real thing - our apartment is already just a wee bit cluttered, and I don't know where exactly we could put something more than 6 feet across and weighing a ton or thereabouts - and - I know a pair of eagles who knew exactly where to put it, and who are already hard at work making it a home for the eaglets they hope to have in the spring.

But - for $250 - you could adopt this nest or any of our other nests for the upcoming nesting season!

You really get all of the benefits of ownership with none of the hassles - you'll never have to dust the nest or deal with poop shots on your carpet (and I hate to say it - but eagles can be loud!) - and we will list you on our Live Cams page for the nest, so everyone will know that you are a supporter of the eagles of your choice (and you can choose how to be listed - with your forum name or real name or pretty much anything semi-reasonable):

And - it gets better! I'll let you all in on a little secret - this isn't the only organization I support. And I do adopt a non-releasable educational eagle elsewhere every year - and am happy to do that because they also do good work. And every year I get a thank-you gift - an 8x10 glossy photo of "my" eagle. And I happily open the envelope and enjoy the new picture and share it with my husband - and put it in my file folder for wonderful eagle pictures, where it stays, pretty much forgotten unless some unwary visitor asks about eagles.

But - if you adopt one of our nests, you get absolutely nothing that you have to file - instead, you get the option of viewing the cams of your chosen nest 24-7 for the coming year - with your name or user name proudly displayed with our thanks!

My picture of the eagle is very handsome and regal - but with a bit of luck, you'll get to see a pair of eagles come and go with sticks in hand (I mean talon). You'll get to see eggs. You'll get to see tiny chicks - and big chicks! With a bit of luck, you'll get get to see them take their first flights - and you'll share the bittersweet moment when we realize these once-tiny little bobbles are heading out into the world, probably off to look for salmon at Chehalis. And why am I using words - I learned a long time ago that a picture is worth a thousand words - and I actually have 21 pictures to share with you (please click twice - our cams offer an even larger size than I used for the collage - but clicking twice will give a good sample):

And you'll know that your support is letting people around the world see that too.

The easiest way to donate is by clicking the button below to donate through CanadaHelps.

CanadaHelps charges 4% to cover their expenses, so if you can donate $260, HWF will get the the full $250 - and there's a comment box so you can let us know which nest you'd like to adopt - and what name you'd like under your chosen cams!

It's not a necktie, or a box of chocolates - but I adopted a nest this past year (and will be adopting one for next year) - and every time I watched "my" nest, and saw the adults working together to prepare it, and saw the eggs being laid, and the chicks hatch - and grow - and fly....knowing that I was part of bringing this experience to the world was a whole lot better than chocolate!

It's not - yet - a traditional holiday present - but please consider adopting Delta 2, Harrison Mills, Lafarge or White Rock. The eagles probably won't notice - but those of us who love them will. love

Happy Holidays!


Each of the 21 pictures in the collage has a story - read about them and learn who captured these great moments here!

And if you haven't heard of CanadaHelps (and you do not need to be in Canada to donate through CanadaHelps) - we have more information about them and the donation process here.

And thank you all for your support!

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