Save The Cams - Thank You!


First, a big thanks to my matching fund partners, who promised to match up to $1800, getting the drive off to a great start!

Next, a huge thank you to all who donated to the Save the Cams Campaign or adopted a nest this week!

Finally, the results (and these are preliminary - some people mailed their donations, and those will be coming in over the next week or so).

Drum roll, please....

Thanks to all you wonderful people, we raised $7187 for Hancock Wildlife Foundation!

But that's not all....

As you may remember, we had a commitment from a small group of supporters to match up to $1800. So when you add their $1800 to the $7187 -

The Save the Cams Campaign raised $8987!

And that's not all....

We have had 9 nest adoptions so far this week, for a total of $2,250 -

So the total received since the drive officially started on Tuesday is $11,237!

(I need a bigger font!)

And this doesn't include the checks that are still in the mail - so we may have an update at some point next week.

All I can say is WOW - and Way to Go, Folks!

And thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

Photo credits: the three fledglings at Turtle Bay are courtesy of mjb; Mom and Dad Delta 2 are courtesy of Lavender12; the adult landing on the rail of the artificial nest at Lafarge is courtesy of cococat9; the s'cap of Kilo and Lima, a bit over 7-1/2 weeks old and already looking interested in the world outside is courtesy of spotted; the s'caps of 9-week-old Uno in the sunset at Delta 3 and of Putter and Driver comparing feathers at 5-1/2 and 6 weeks old are mine.

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