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The Splendor of Three

We are now on the third and final day of our 3-day matching drive, where donations up to a total of $1800 will be matched by a few long-time supporters - so a donation of $25 will mean $50 for Hancock Wildlife, and a donation of $50 will mean $100 for HWF.

I was reminded yesterday that in addition to donating online using CanadaHelps or PayPal - there's a third way to donate that may work well for some people - you can mail your donation! We have addresses in both Canada and the United States - and those of us in the US can avoid foreign transaction fees by mailing a check to the US address! Just send your check or money order to Hancock Wildlife Foundation at one of the following addresses:

Donations made or postmarked up to midnight today, June 11, will be eligible for the matching drive.

And thinking a bit more about the number three, we have had three eaglets now and then at our nests but we don't this year. However, we also have a number of associated cams - nests where we have a special link with the owners of the cams and/or the key observers and supporters - and Turtle Bay is one of those. And we have been enjoying their three eaglets, who fledged just this week!

And thinking of Turtle Bay is reminding me that we really have three sorts of research threads here - the threads for our primary cams, with teams of observers and zoomers; threads for other cams - lots of eagle and osprey cams, but also everything from penguins to albatrosses to pandas and beyond; and threads for all the wonderful wildlife people see in their backyards - lots of local eagle nests, but also much more. It really is amazing what we have built in the last 10 years, starting with the vision of a few people and a little patch of blue - and the eaglets known as Li'l Sid and Big Vic.

I think that's another reason I like the number 3 - a one day fund drive is very efficient (if a bit tricky, given all the time zones involved) - but this lets me be a bit more contemplative. And lets me respond to some of the comments I've heard.

It may be a natural sort of progression - but last year, for the first time, there wasn't money enough to clean all the cams, and only the cams at White Rock were updated. In some ways, it wasn't really a big deal - the cams weren't that dirty, and White Rock was the only nest that didn't have high res pan-tilt-zoom cams for really up-close views of the little chicks. But this year, as it stands right now, we don't have the funds needed to keep the cams streaming until the eaglets fledge and leave the area in search of salmon.

I think we may not have shared as much information as we should have shared. Several of our cams are sponsored - but that means that the sponsor donates the cost of the cam, and perhaps the cost of having it installed and maybe the cost of a climber or crane for annual maintenance. When maintenance is needed during the year - a site visit to reboot a computer or replace drives or troubleshoot why the usual remote restarts aren't working - that is a cost borne by Hancock Wildlife - and it really adds up when there's a persistent problem at a site requiring several visits to resolve.

The type of internet service required to stream several high res cams to the web costs quite a bit more than the average home service - and we've been fortunate that local cable companies have donated that service for a couple of our cams - but we pay for the rest.

And in past years, David Hancock has dipped into his own pockets to cover those expenses that wouldn't otherwise be met - and that's not an option this year.

Which makes three reasons why your support is especially important this year! We need to raise at least $10,000 and probably closer to $20,000 by the end of June just to keep the cameras running until the eaglets fledge. This includes ongoing tech support costs of about $3500/month, plus a number of bills that are past due.

And unless we can find someone with vision and energy to play a much larger role in our fundraising efforts, I don't see how we can go forward after this season. And quite honestly I'm not at all sure that we'll be able to keep all the cams running through August, when the eagles typically leave for the salmon runs - but as I've said before I'm going to do my level best to make that happen. And I need your help.

I know we'd all like to see Uno, Kilo, Lima, Driver and Putter fledge. And we'd like to see if Pan and Dora join the adults on the railings of the artificial nest at Lafarge once they begin to explore the neighborhood. And we're learning so much as we watch how Mom Delta 2 deals with her injured leg, and how Dad D2 supports her.

I've never liked leaving before the end of a movie - please donate today.

Photo credits: the three fledglings at Turtle Bay are courtesy of mjb; Mom and Dad Delta 2 are courtesy of Lavender12; the adult landing on the rail of the artificial nest at Lafarge is courtesy of cococat9; the s'cap of Kilo and Lima, a bit over 7-1/2 weeks old and already looking interested in the world outside is courtesy of spotted; the s'caps of 9-week-old Uno in the sunset at Delta 3 and of Putter and Driver comparing feathers at 5-1/2 and 6 weeks old are mine. I'd also like to thank gemini for the "donate" button (and the buttons on our live cams page and most other buttons on the site), and thank Pat B for the "Thank You" banner at the bottom (and for all the banners that appear at the upper left of every page).

And - thank you all for your support!

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