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The Wonder of One

You might wonder why I would be talking about the number one in the middle of our 3-day matching drive, during which donations up to $1800 will be doubled (so if you donate $25 - HWF will get $50, and if you donate $50, HWF will get $100).

One reason is that today, Wednesday, June 10, is the one day when we have arranged for someone to be in the office, so if you want to make your donation to the Save the Cams Campaign by phone - today's the day! The number is 1-800-938-1114, and it's toll-free in Canada and the United States. If you are comfortable donating online, we would encourage you to use CanadaHelps or PayPal - thanks!

Another reason is that yesterday I focused on the nests with two chicks (see The Power of Two - and pretty much ignored a couple of nests with one chick each - so - meet Uno:

Uno is the solo eaglet in our newest nest at Delta 3, near the Tsawwassen ferry terminal (and have I mentioned what amazing zoom cameras we have at our nests these days - wow! You could count her eyelashes - if she (or he) had eyelashes!).

But the primary reason I'm focusing on the number 1 today is because I suspect we've occasionally thought "What can I do? I'm only one person." But the simple fact of the matter is that a lot of us watch these cams - and if each and every one who watches makes a donation - odds are really good that we can keep them streaming at least until Uno and the other eaglets fledge and leave for the salmon runs.

There's a quote by Margaret Mead I've always liked - "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

There's also a quote by David Hancock on the home page of our website "Our first live eagle nest cams reached and taught more people in a 4 month period than I had in all my years of lectures combined. This is the way of the future."

I think everyone who is reading this is interested in wildlife in general, and probably in eagles - and wants to make sure their needs are considered - and I believe the best way to make that happen is to introduce more people to eagles and other wildlife. And that's what we're doing here. I defy anyone to look into Uno's eyes, and say he's expendable.

Back to the number 1 - each and every one of you is already doing a lot to help us with our goals of education, research and conservation. The work of those who observe and control the cams and report on the activities on the nest, creating an in depth record for future scientists is easy to see. But every time you mention to a friend that you were watching an eagle cam and were amazed to see a fierce eagle gently offering a tiny bite of fish to a tiny ball of fluff with a beak - you are helping people get interested in wildlife!

And now we need your help with one more thing - this is Hancock Wildlife's 10th year of providing a number of cameras - and a forum where we could all learn about eagles and the other wildlife we were watching - and we need to raise at least $10,000 and probably closer to $20,000 by the end of June just to keep the cameras running until the eaglets fledge. This includes ongoing tech support costs of about $3500/month, plus a number of bills that are past due.

Please donate today.

In the beginning, I mentioned nests in the plural with one chick - and while Delta 3 is our only nest with a cam to have a solo eaglet, the first eaglets many of us saw were on a nest in Sidney, BC. Those eagles have moved a couple of times since then and we don't have a camera there - but local observer elle shared this picture of the solo eaglet at Sidney:

Photo credits: Thanks to observer stim and zoomer txsun for the great closeup of Uno, and thanks to elle for a great long-distance shot of the eaglet at Sidney!

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