Tiny fish scores big victory for endangered species

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CBC Technology and Science News: Environmentalists say they have won an important legal victory to protect endangered species across Canada, all because of a tiny fish known as the Nooksack dace, an endangered species no more than 15 centimetres long.

In the ruling issued Wednesday, the Federal Court admonished the fisheries and oceans minister for failing to identify the habitat of the Nooksack dace, which lives in only four streams in B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

According to the coalition of environmental groups that launched the lawsuit, the precedent-setting legal victory for endangered species may put an end to years of unlawful action by the federal government.

"We are ecstatic about the ruling," said Christianne Wilhelmson of the Georgia Strait Alliance. "We hope that DFO will now start giving real protection to endangered plants and animals without having to be dragged into court for every species it is supposed to protect. Canadians owe a lot to this little minnow and to the scientists who stood up for it."

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