Valid E-mail address is a MUST!!!

Wildlife NewsHancock Wildlife Foundation requres that all member accounts have a valid e-mail address. If your address changes you MUST update it in your profile (which may require that you re-validate it by receiving and clicking on a link in an e-mail before you can continue to use the account)

E-mail today is subject to stringent policies regarding bad addresses at most ISPs as well as things like the CAN-SPAM act in the US. These policies tie our hands - please keep your address up to date.

If your e-mail address is found to be invalid your account may be either suspended (send us a new address) or removed (which means any posts you have will look as if they were posted by anonymous)

We have recently sent a couple of notifications via e-mail and the invalid bounces are being processed as I write this - and the accounts removed in most cases

If you find your account has been removed you will have to re-apply for an account


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