Elephants in the room

The elephant in the room. It's been applied to both Cancer and Death - and then misapplied to the likes of "erectile disfunction" - but no matter what, this time we're talking about the, what I'll consider original 2 definitions: death and cancer.

We here on the Hancock Wildlife Foundation deal with death almost every day it seems, so this one should be the easier one.

Cancer, albeit the one that has had to be dragged out into social by the drug companies more, has come the farthest, is only one of many reasons for death in the animal kingdom.

Read on for my take on it and why having these topics out in the open is good for all of us, especially me, at this time.

Yes, I'm dying of cancer, and yes, I am not long on time. Days, if not   weeks.

Over the past several months I've struggled with how to "break" this news to you all as I know all of our members - both paid and "lurkers", forgetting that I'd already decided to be up front with the facts on my own blog, The Digital-Rag.com. So I'll just step in and deal with it.

Dying is not easy  - but it sure is easier if it is done in the company of friends, family, aquaintances, good doctors and nurses and orderlies, and generally caring people with whom to share the experiences; both good and bad.

"Shared pain is lessened, Shared joy is increased"

a lesson brought to me by my friend and a long-time Science Fiction author, Spider Robinson 





I've just been handed notice that I'll be moving from where I am (Burnaby Hospital) to the hospice nearest our home in Pitt Meadows some time around 12:30 today - so I'm signing off and will try to add more from there as soon as possible.

In the mean time, thank you all for your wishes and support. Please support the new fund in specfic, and give blood at least if you can't give money or volunteer.








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