Watching the White Rock #1 Eagle Nest

Saturday, February 26 2011 @ 06:06 PM EST

Contributed by: richardpitt

One of the features of being a member of Hancock Wildlife Foundation - and logging into the web site each time you come back - is that you get to access the full-resolution still images we grab from our High-Res cameras at the White Rock nest.

Until recently, while the Winter was running its course and the birds were only here sometimes, we've been grabbing only medium resolution (1280x720) images but starting today, we're pulling the full 1920x1080 pixel images into the archives and as usual, making a time-lapse video each night for you to look at the next day.

Here are a couple of the medium resolution images from February 25 - a wonderfully sunny day on the Pacific West Coast.

When you are logged in, the home page "Quick Links" menu on the left border will have an extra entry for these "High-Res Archives" where you can choose which camera and then see each of the daily sets of about 220 images for the cameras at the site. Currently we are archiving from White Rock and Port Moody (both cameras again - the wide angle came back on its own it seems) as well as some from the Lafarge camera pulled manually (not quite as high resolution, but well worth the visit)



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