Eagles and more eagles: 1600 still on the Harrison

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Today, December 27, I took my staff on a tour of the Harrison River with Fraser River Safari Tours - and in spite of the dreary weather it was a typical wondrous day on the Harrison.  Somewhere between 1300 and 1600 eagles were still feasting along the river.  This is more than I hoped as the fish supply was surely running out - meaning the spawned out salmon carcasses were simply eaten out by the wintering eagles.  However, over 1500 eagles were still savaging the remaining carcasses and a great exhibition was witnessed by all.  In short, while I might be spoiled having seen over 7300 eagles on previous occasions, very few people have ever witnessed 1500 eagles in such a small area.

The day was dreary with some rain but the Safari Tour boat is so warm and enclosed that this does not matter.  Some additional 75 magnificent trumpeter swans were also present on the Chehalis Flats along with a thousand waterfowl -- a memorable site.  But the numbers of eagles is still something very few people have ever seen.

The Fraser River Safari Tours will be offering the last tour of the season on Thursday, Dec 29, so if you have an 'unused moment' or gift this would be a great way of spending it.  Call Jo at 604 -302-9679, or toll-free at
1-866-348-6877, for a trip of a lifetime.   I will be aboard as the guide to talk about these incredible birds.

Have a great festive season and I hope I meet a few more of you on Thursday.


David Hancock

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