Eagle Point Project - 2009/2010

Chehalis River + Eagle Point

I'm expecting a couple of propane powered generators to be delivered to my doorstep literally any time. They were supposed to be here yesterday.

I have a single set of NiCad industrial batteries in my backyard and there are about 90 more of them at David's compound in South Surrey. These are used but in great condition - been in the BC forest for the past 20+ years but they've been well looked after. All together there are about 1000 Ampere-Hours of battery at 12 volts; a massive amount - but we're going to need it.

You see we're planning on putting at least 2 cameras, possibly more, about 1.5Km from shore, out on the Chehalis flats where the Chehalis river runs into the Harrison. Last year David counted over 2500 eagles there one day - and they'll be there again this coming spawning season, feasting on the salmon carcasses that float down from the spawaning beds upstream.

The cameras will have to be run from the batteries, along with the wireless link to the shore. About once per week we'll remotely start up a generator to re-charge them. We tried to put together a solar-power solution 2 years ago but it turns out there simply is not enough sunlight in the late Fall and Winter to make that a viable alternative.

We're looking for some help in putting together this project. We already have commitments for a helicopter, an 8' high platform to put the equipment on, and some muscle to help build things on site - but we'll need some other things too. We'll be posting adendums to this story with lists of things we're looking for as well as other help we need - but of course you can already help simply by donating.

One thing that would help is a new set of boxes like the ones pictured - but for 5 cells each. If you're somewhere in the Vancouver area and handy with woodworking please contact me and I'll get you the dimensions and maybe a sample. The current boxes are mostly for 6 or 7 cells and we're doing multiples of 5 so need to at least get a few made.



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