Drainscope - Eagle (eaglet) rescue:

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Article by Derek Rathwell

Photo by:  Ian (Mr. Elle)

EAGLE RESCUE SUCCESS!!! Little Baby Eaglet saved

 It was a wonderful & very successful day on Thursday May 19th 2011. With help and efforts from many involved we helped save the little baby ealget from the fishing line in North Saanich BC. VIDEO1 click here - Video2 click here - Times Colonist click here

I, Derek Rathwell, the president of DrainScope had offered our services and most importantly the drainage mats to help the crane truck get into position. I watched a local news cast the night before and heard David Hancock mention the hard to reach area. Since we (DRAINSCOPE) specializes in wet areas doing drainage repairs and installations during very wet times we knew our specialty protection ground mats from AlturnaMats.com would do the trick. Mat Video

I contacted David Hancock and the Wildlife foundation via email after the 11:00 local news broadcast and offered our man power and our ground mats. The David Hancock Wildlife foundation contacted us very early thursday morning and said "we are on our way" so DrainScope went into action with our crews loading the mats to heading out to the rescue site.

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