Uno Is Branching!

It's not easy to see - but forum member Lavender12 managed to get a screenshot of the golden moment when Uno, the solo eaglet at the Delta 3 nest, branched for the first time!

Click on image to download

If you look closely at the right side of the picture, you can see that Uno's tail feathers are above the floor of the nest - which means that his or her feet are, too!  Uno accomplished this feat at about 9:04 pm on Sunday, June 14th, when he or she was 67 days old, or about 9-1/2 weeks old. 

This screenshot captured by mjb shows the branch from another perspective -

Click on image to download

and you can see that it's a fairly small step for a large eaglet - but also a very significant one!

And I think Uno is wondering where to go next!

Click on image to download

You can follow Uno's adventures on our discussion thread for Delta 3 - click here!

Link to the Cameras

Photo credits: Lavender12, mjb, JudyB

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