Goodbye Delta O.W.L. - Hello (again) Delta-1 Eagle Nest (and it has 2 eggs)

Delta 1 - Eagle Nest

Just about the same time as the tragic failure of the Delta O.W.L. nest eagles' eggs to hatch this year, we discovered that the Delta-1 nest which was badly damaged in the Winter storms this year has eggs in it!

We've moved our streams to this nest as of today (they're still showing as Delta-OWL - but it is really Delta-1) and Ken reports he's seen 2 eggs.

We know that one egg rolled out of the nest last week - so this nest also started with 3 eggs it seems. Triplets are looking like they're becoming the norm in our urban eagle nests. We know of another nest (downtown Vancouver on the waterfront) that has 3 eggs in it this year too - and we may have a camera there next year (you heard it here first).

So... welcome back to Delta-1 - the smallest and closest to the ground we've seen a nest. We'll all watch anxiously to make sure nobody else falls out (O.W.L. is aware and ready to take on the challenge if they do, even before hatching - they're just around the corner)

The two cameras consist of a fixed-focus - Close-up and a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) that we'll keep in fairly close for now but will use to watch around the tree as the kids hatch and thrive.

If you recall last year, this is the famous "Teddy-bear" nest. The adults brought a teddy bear into the nest thinking it was something good for the eaglets. Who knows what they'll bring in this year. Join us and watch.

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