Cycle of life on brutal display in Vancouverís Stanley Park

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Robyn Worcester of the Stanley Park Ecological Society at the Heronry near the tennis courts Monday, April 18, 2011 in Vancouver, B.C.

Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, PNG

Shocking scenes of violence are taking place in Stanley Park as a slaughter of unborn innocents proceeds apace — but not without a fight.

(To see the video, click here or watch it below.)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Vancouver’s crown jewel, more hapless creatures are poised to perish, while their brethren will be forced into a voyage that would make Ulysses tremble.

In the first location, we have a raw struggle for survival and a profile in parental courage.

In the second, well, it’s either extraordinarily advanced avian family planning or just a couple of extra-silly geese.

Over at the great blue heron colony near the park’s southwest corner, bald eagles — which in past years have been seen eating newly hatched herons — have now taken to consuming the eggs before they hatch.

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