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Since arriving here at Hancock Wildlife a few months ago, I see eagles and raptors everywhere I look. Of course, that’s not to hard in this end of the world, with more than 50 nests just in the general neighbourhood of the office itself. The dump where David has undertaken counts a few times in the last couple of months is also not too far from here and it takes a lot of concentration just to keep my eyes glued on the road as I drive past, knowing all too well that if I glance to the left, I am quite likely to see dozens of eagles, hanging around in the trees surrounding the place, or, another dozen up in the air. Breathtaking!

And, this follows with any drive I take. If there is an eagle around, I’m much more likely to spot it. Just this weekend, I was over on the island, taking some friends to see the renowned Butchart Gardens. As we’re coming down the sole road that leads to these gardens, we noticed a new winery had opened up, and outside there were two huge banners stating that “The Raptors have Arrived!” Intrigued, we pulled in and the sign didn’t lie, there are indeed raptors being kept at the winery. The idea, which I had read about just last week is that the raptors become pest control, dealing with small rodents and starlings , along with other small birds that can wreak havoc on a winery’s grapes. Below is a story regarding a similar setup in Oregon and when I return to the island in 2 weeks, I’ll stop in again and get some pictures. I missed their final show for the day by about 10 minutes, however I did get a glimpse of a pair of hawks, an owl and a truly huge golden eagle. The winery itself is called Church and State Winery and the newspaper story is below as well as the story I had come across last week from Oregon :

Raptors at the winery

Church and State Wines

Raptors as pest control in Oregon

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