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Just a note to let you know that we're going to be doing a bit of a change to the web site - we're swapping the left and right borders around the beginning of May.

Today, the left border has mostly navigation information on it and the right border has advertising and donation information, events and the translation widget.

As time and technology advances, we are increasing the amount of information across our page because people are purchasing larger and wider screens. We've been using 1024x768 as our target screen size - but are moving toward 1280x1024 and even larger in the future. Today the typical LCD screen you can purchase is 1440x 800 or larger, and you can purchase used 1280x1024 screens for less than $100.

The one aspect of our content management system is that the right border tends to over-draw some of the content if your screen width is set too narrow. We really need the ads and other information in the current right border, but in many cases can dispense with the information that is on the left. On our video pages we can turn off the right border but not the left - just one of those things, but it is really why we're switching.

So, some time shortly after the beginning of May we'll swap the borders left<->right - and then we'll remove the right border from the video pages. That should mean that those of you with screens narrower than 1280 won't have a problem seeing the whole video feed anymore.



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