Bats, Birds and Lizards Can Fight Climate Change

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Wired Science is reporting the potential for some of our smaller critters to help us manage climate change. 

The presence, abundance and diversity of birds, bats and lizards, the top predators in the insect world, has impacts on the growth of plants,” said ecologist Daniel Gruner of the University of Maryland, co-author of the paper (absract) published April 5 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.If you don’t have plants, you don’t have organisms that are recapturing carbon.

The actual paper is a bit technical but I found it worth looking at, if only to get a flavor for some of the research that is going on in this area. Read on for more from Wired Science...

Because these animals feed on both plant-eating and insect-eating bugs in equal numbers, it was believed they wouldn’t have a net effect on plant growth: When the animals gobble up the plant-eating insects, the population of these harmful insects decreases. But, when the animals feed on insect-eating insects, there are fewer predators to eat the herbivores.

The new meta-analysis indicates this is not the case. The presence of insect-eating animals has a positive effect on the growth of plants.

Read the whole article for more

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