Bald eaglets rescued after fall from tree - One eaglet released back to nest after two days

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UPDATED 6:01 PM EDT Apr 26, 2013


MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. —Two rare baby eagles survived a fall from the top of a tree, and two days of struggling on the ground before they were rescued.

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Trees at the Kennedy Space Center are favorite eagle nesting spots, but last month, the storm that brought hail and heavy wind knocked down a nest with two babies.

"I knew we made a good decision to go out and get them because they let us walk up and pick them up.  A wild bird is not going to let you do that," said wildlife ecologist Becky Bolt.

Bolt happened to go out on a survey of eagle nests two days after the storm. She found the nest, but by that time, the baby bald eagles were pretty far gone.

"They're so big, and their talons are like this, and they’re golden and their heads are big.  I'd never had that much contact with a wild eagle before," said Bolt. 

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