Bald Eagles' Nest Brings People Together

Wildlife News

By Diane Orsonr
Published: Jul 09, 2013

Bald Eagle Population On the Rise in CT.

Adult and Baby Eagle.
Photo:Michael Lejeune

For the past few months a group of people has been gathering each night along an industrial stretch of Route 5 in Hamden. 

There, next to a nondescript building they lift their binoculars,  focus their telescopes and gaze across the street, past the traffic, over the railroad tracks, and up, up about 70 feet high.  Nestled in a crook of two branches in a tree sits a large nest.  Inside is a  bald eagle chick, with a watchful adult hidden nearby.

"This is the only birdwatching I’ve ever done."   Michael Lejeune works at the town library.   "I essentially have been coming down every night. I invested in a spotting scope, and ever since I’ve been coming down and watching eagles."

He says all kinds of people are connecting here, sharing photos of the eagles, talking to each other.


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