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Hancock here:

Dan Stewart is a student of BCIT (BC Institute of Technology in Vancouver) and has a small summer grant to compare the feeding behaviors of the urban eagles from (a) food samples below nests vs. (b) food samples being brought into the nest by the adults.

This project is part of the project where HWF has already supplied an artificial nest on a pole, more recently had a tree modified to facilitate nests and will be involved putting up two more nest structures.  We have also supported the MSc. study, now about to be published by Raph Goulette (Dr. David Bird supervisor, McGill), that included food analysis from below 100 of our eagle nests.  My hope is that this study, so similar to many other studies across North America, will show that food samples that are collected below nests are substantially different from what is observably being brought into the nests. 

Request of observers:

Dan's brief study will start to show this distinction.  What I hope our observers will do is again set up a Forum thread to record all food arrivals to any of the bald eagle nests.  Dan will identify the food species.  He will also be reviewing last year's HWF forum files to take advantage of our observers last year's data.

Judyb will set up the forum thread and Dan has agreed to post updates and try and answer any questions you pose to him.

It will be interesting to see this distinction between small food items we can identify being brought into the nest compared to the samples of larger items that end up below nests.  I think we will see two major distinctions: the range of items and the percent of each will be quite different for the two samples and I believe we will start to develop a truer picture of eagle life.
Please help Dan.




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