A Note of Thanks

Hancock here with a couple of special thanks - a Fledge Season Note:

First, a very special thanks to Judyb and her Charlie  -- not only does Judyb do so much in terms of special work during the entire year keeping the Forum and web running, with Charlie not just putting up with it, but they have done this incredible annual backup financial support of meeting donations -- our biggest financial fundraiser for the year.

Thanks Judyb and Charlie - you are a world-class couple.

Second, I want to also thank the mods and workers for all the effort of support for the entire year, answering questions, carrying forward the message of the eagles and posting my thoughts.  Collectively you all make the site work and worth while. Thanks a million.

Third, there are those of you who also directly contribute to making the specific cams keep working, through behind the scene financial support of the sites, carrying equipment up trees, across the flats, balancing 170' up a tree or supplying boats, those who keep coming out to presentations and setting up the exhibits and talking about our eagles and, of course, those of you located literally around the world who keep contributing -- I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Fourth, there is that special person who keeps my files handy since I can never find things or people's names, so a special thanks to Karen for at least making me semi-functional.

Fifth, there is Ken and son Mike, with the assistance of Peter in South Africa, who keep the technical distribution system and cams running -- thank you all.

Then finally there is Mary, my partner in life, who beyond keeping me going emotionally and physically, is also our biggest financial donor and my wellbeing keeper.

Others keep jumping forward and since a $4000 cheque arrived today for the efforts of the HWF gang for our efforts towards the Animal Planet program, I specifically wish to thank Kathy/fisheye, Diana, Christian, and Betty Anne who did all the groundwork.  Since I personally spent over 2 weeks of long days working up their story, the sites and the final 5 days of shooting they got a lot of volunteer work for very few dollars. Let's hope the eagles benefit.

Now we start over - the world is a less fit place today than at this time last year so we need to double our efforts.  The oceans are more polluted, the human population has continued its dreadful overpopulation and the financial greed of individuals and our collective continues to spiral.  At the same time I must take a positive position that our small efforts can contribute to lessening our collective negative impact on the earth or more positively stated, our efforts can and must be a positive note of how not just some people care, but how we can make a difference at a local level.

Over the next weeks I will pull together some summary thoughts and conclusions about the Foundation's efforts via the web, the social media that seem so pervasive, but also at the local level: our contributions to the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the Salmon Stronghold and our specific attention to the Chehalis -- Harrison River complex and our efforts to get the Chehalis Flats Bald Eagle & Salmon Preserve established this year.

Thanks again and if more of you out there have suggestions, energy, time or dollars to contribute please contact me or one of the key players who is out there publicly.  The projects needing bodies, guidance and support is unlimited.

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