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These general instructions apply to pretty much all USB memory sticks

First, the Memory Stick is simple to operate.  Plug it into a usb port (USB 2 high speed is best - most current computers only have the high speed but some older ones have low speed on the front for keyboards/mice - high speed ones are probably on the back) -- wait until an option screen pops up on your computer screen and then select your option -- read etc. -- OR follow Lori's suggestions below.

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There may be a problem with a file in the current crop of sticks we have - updates are here
See the Update Section of this story for more info on the updates

 Read on for the care and feeding of the memory stick

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Lori’s Memory Stick Use/Removal Instruction Sheet


To use the memory stick just slide the protective shield to expose the connector and insert it into your computer USB port, the shape should make it clear where, it may be on the back or front, laptops on the side most likely. These sticks work in both PC’s and MAC’s and should not be handled in a rough manner.




There are different ways to view the files on the stick, but I will tell you how I do it, as it is the easiest way…once you put the stick in, your computer will first recognize it then you will get a box come up that asks how you want to view the files, click on “cancel”.


Open Windows Explorer and hit the plus sign beside “my computer” to view the drives and contents. You will look for the one that says “removable disk”. Click on the plus sign beside that and it will open showing you all the folders on it. Click on any folder to view it’s contents.


To View Pictures – you just double-click on the first one and it will come up bigger, along the bottom there will be icons that will tell you what they do as you scroll over them with your cursor, you can either just click the next arrow to view them one at a time or click on the one that says ‘start slideshow’. The other way is to just hit F11 on your keyboard while the one pic is up to do a slideshow and hit the Esc key when you want it to stop, it will replay the loop if you don’t.


To view Slideshows and Videos


Just double-click on the one you want and your media player will start it.




1st WAY

It is important to remove the memory stick properly, never just pull it out. There are two ways; there will be an icon down in your taskbar by the clock that says safely remove hardware when you scroll over it. “Right” click on the icon the words “safely remove hardware” will come up and then click on the words and then chose “Stop”. You will get one more box but just chose “ok” as the right device will already be highlighted. A little balloon will come up saying it is safe to remove and then you can pull it out and close the box.


2nd WAY

I prefer to use my sticks with windows explorer so what I do is close the folders by clicking on the +/- sign beside the removable disk drive and then “right” click directly on the drive and go up to “eject”. Give it a few seconds and then it is safe to remove.


Updates and File Downloads

It appears that some of the first batch of USB memory sticks either have bad flash ram in them or had the files incorrectly copied to them. For this we appologize. We'll do a better quality control on the next batch.


In the mean time we're uploading many of the files on this first batch to the web site where you can download them and either copy them to your USB stick or run them directly from your computer.

Note that these files are zipped - they must be unzipped for you to view them - and the zip files may contain several files inside.

Navigate to the 2009 Sidney USB Keychain section of the File Management area of the web site - select one or more of the files there to download. Note that at this time we are only aware of problems with the slideshow videos:
1 Ground Crew Slideshow.wmv
1 - July 1st to 15th Slideshow.wmv
1 June Slideshow.wmv
1 - Slideshow of August 1st.wmv
2 - July 15th to 31st Slideshow.wmv
These are all bundled into a zip file called UPDATE.zip and labeled "All Slideshows in one file - Windows Zip format"
Click on the "Download" link below the entry for this file - your browser should open up a dialog box asking you if you want to open the file or save it - click "Save". Once the download has finished (this is over 40 Megabytes so could take some time) you should navigate to where your browser saved it - could be the desktop or somewhere else like My Documents/Downloads
The icon for the file should look like a folder with a zipper through it - if it does not the you may not have a correctly configured unzip program on your system. You can get one by entering "Windows Unzip" into your favourite search engine (A free one here - richard)
Click on the icon of the folder with the zipper and it should open up to show you the various files and/or directories in it just like a normal file window. You now have 3 options:
1 - view/play a file directly from within the archive
2 - drag/drop one or more files to someplace on your computer
3 - "extract" all the files to some place on your computer - including onto the USB memory stick if it is connected correctly
Updates are in our File Management Area


If you have questions about the application of these files, please use the discussion forum's Technical Help area to ask your question (membership required to post)

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