Wendy's Sidney Eagles Print


(II) A. Wendy's Sidney Eagles 2009 Print


8"x10" Color Print Reproduction

of Wendy's Klassen's Painting of Our Favorite Eagles

Prints can be ordered by phone (800) 938-1114, by email - sales@hancockwildlife.org, by fax (800) 938-2262

or through our Gift Store, which accepts, Paypal, checks, or credit cards

Order your copy now!

$30 price includes postage and handling in North America

 International orders are $45 per print including P&H

All proceeds to support Hancock Wildlife Foundation


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(II) A. Wendy's Sidney Eagles 2009 Print


Wendy Klassen  has donated to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation her beautiful original painting of the Sidney parents and their 2009 triplets. What a great year our Sidney pair has had again in 2009, and what a fine contribution by Wendy to commemorate this.

"Thanks so much Wendy!"


Not only has Wendy donated the original painting but she has even printed up the first 12 prints.  They were labeled 1/10 etc. but this is an error and the print run is unlimited.  At this writing, shortly after the announcement, we already have 65 orders!  Keep 'em coming!!! The HWF will be printing as many of these beautiful prints as you request.  An incredible commeration of the Sidney 2009 year producing 3 marvelous eaglets.  The  unframed image size is  8" x 10" inches so you will have space to place this image on most walls.


To make this offer simple yet meaningful to you and the HWF we decided to make the North American offer a straight $30.00 -- which includes the packaging and shipping costs.  Outside of NA we have to add another $15.00 to cover the extra airmail costs.


"Again, thanks Wendy for the most wonderful gift and memento of the 2009 season".

David Hancock



Please Purchase at:     www.hancockhouse.com/products/wensyd.htm

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