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Making Donations To Hancock Wildlife The Live CAMS!



First, I wish to sincerely express my thanks for all the kind letters of support over the past many months. This appreciation has driven my life. I have realized that we are reaching so many people with this LIVE CAM experience that we MUST do more with this opportunity.

While I have always worked in the past on projects that I, or my little company funded, I now have realized that to reach the numbers of people that are now possible with these new technologies, that we must go forth in a much more planned and managed way. This past years experience was totally unplanned yet reached millions. We now hope to do better with plans, supportive materials for schools and adults so they can get more meaningful information. Our new plans to expand the number of nests, to expand into other species and environmental education, I hope will all be equally exciting. August will be the month to work out the details of our new web site and LIVE CAM distribution.

Even today you can already post Videos to our NEW site, post comments to the new forums (we are now soliciting Forum Administrators for different topics so we can focus on information and education ) and as soon as we get the administrators in place ( I simply do not have the time to answer ALL the questions), we will have their comments and my participation when necessary.


The new thrust will be expensive and we are incredibly thankful for the very generous donations. These donations will be used to further the development of more CAMS, supporting some of the local eagle volunteer steward groups and conservation in general as more fund become available.

Before fall we will have the Non-profit Organization in place so that the donations at that point and any revenues from advertising can go to that organization. All donations will be spent 100% on development of new cams or on direct research non of these donations will be used for administration or myself or my company.

In the meantime my publishing company Hancock House Publishers, who has both the VISA / MC and 800 numbers in place will accept any donations. At this time we cannot issue any receipts for Tax purposes we do issue receipts of course. Hopefully when the Non-Profit Society is functional we will eventually get that option something that takes more time I was recently told by the lawyer.

You can send the Donations to:

(( Just have the name of the Visa / MC card holder ready, its number, and the sum you are donating.. If you are mailing it in PLEASE give your return address so often forgotten in this email era! ))

1) Via the Secure server of Hancock House: You can donate sums as though it was a book title:

2) Phone or Fax in the Number:
Phone: 800 938-1114
Fax 800 983-2262

3) Email: Do not send your Visa/MC number -phone us on the 800 number with it. - : Sales@hancockwildlife,org

4) Mailing addresses:

Hancock Wildlife
19313 Zero Ave
Surrey BC Canada
V3S 9R9

Hancock Wildlife
1431 Harrison Ave
Blaine WA USA

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