A New Season and a New Look

Wildlife NewsWelcome to our new-look Hancock Wildlife Foundation web site. Over the past month or so a dedicated team of volunteers has been working toward what you are now viewing - and there is more to come. Along with the new look, we're finally getting back to the organization of the site, including getting the Biology Reference materials all into one place and organized.

You'll also notice a new banner and color scheme on our Hancock Wildlife Channel web site. Our Discussion Forum will not be changed until we have the new version of the discussion software ready for installation - likely a few weeks. At that time it too will share our new graphic logo and brighter colors.

One of the major complaints about our web presence has been that the three different sections looked so much alike that people in many cases didn't realize there were actually three different web sites with three different purposes. This caused quite a bit of a problem since all three sites also have their own "membership" database and the login info is not yet shared between them. People would sign up on one, then try to log into another and get an error message saying the system didn't know them - not good.

The three sites serve completely different yet complimentary purposes. For a look at why things are the way they are, you are invited to the Web Discussion section in our Discussion Forum. If you have time and are interested in helping, there's still lots to do and will be on an ongoing basis.

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