WE Need Technical Help for Live Streaming & Support

Hancock Wildlife Channel Needs Technical Help:

The following is a review of some of our 2009 needs for the Hancock Wildlife Channel. We are very interested in talking with persons or companies with the ability to help us with the technology to bring everything from more Live Eagle CAMS, Live Whale CAMS, Live Spirit Bear CAMS etc. etc. to the waiting public. Other parts of the world awaits!

Hancock Wildlife Channel Needs:

a) New WEB Site to be developed:

To integrate traditional Web services of:

- Product presentation (on the fly) and Sales. (Shopping Cart - to accommodate our existing Visa / MS programs)

- Forums different levels for e.g. to Public and Education / school use; archived referenced data of files, images, videos.

The Web site development part of the project is already underway but we are open to offered help and suggestions specifically detailed below under ... read more...

b) Quotation Request: for LIVE Streaming & Hosting Facilities:

The Hancock Wildlife Channel, famed for bringing to millions the Live Bald Eagle CAM from both Hornby Island and Sidney BC, after a very successful exploration of educational potential of this distribution, now wishes to expand. We hereby seek bids on the supply of the various components necessary to Stream to millions of people and a great many thousand streams simultaneously.

If you have the technical capacity to provide us some of the different services we would appreciate a quotation or email us should more details be required. (Further details are provided by Richard Pitt our IT man below at ... read more. ) We will alternatively consider independently or simultaneously the lease or purchase of facilities to accomplish the above. The details of the specifications are available but largely include:

1) We send down stream: 340 kbps

2) Steaming Servers:

capacity & cost to serve; 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 or more people simultaneously. - our experience is that the site has run full capacity 24 hours per day. - do you do this independently or via ??? sharing servers?/

2) Ability to supply:

additional videos on demand: possible large numbers - these are our reference and archives files - 30 sec to 1 hour /

3) Ability to supply:

Host a web forum for posting of viewer generated video streams. - single frames . to 5 min. duration?

4) Ability to oversee and collect revenues from advertisers:

A) Supervise the getting of advertisers?
B) Supervise the insertion of ads into Web screen & Video screen
C) Deliver video without and with ads: (Subscriptions vs no Sub)

5) Oversee and administer:

Subscriptions: to individuals, to corporate accounts

6) Satellite Transmission:

We urgently need contact with some organization or individuals to assist us in getting the Live Streams from remote locations to the Servers.

We must use satellite transmission from solar and battery power sources. We need portability. So we need your knowledge and products (?) to satisfy our needs in both of these fields. Urgently!

David Hancock
Hancock Wildlife Channel
Hancock Wildlife Research Center
1 800 938-1114
email: karen@hancockwildlife.org

For more details from our IT man Richard Pitt see ....read more ....

More detailed suggestions from Richard the IT man!

Help!! Wildlife and Education Need Your Technical Assistance:

Details of our needs as defined by Richard Pitt:

General Needs: There are lots of companies doing streaming video in several different ways - but we differ in one way from all of them; we are dealing with live video for very long periods of time - days, weeks, months. We become the viewers wallpaper / screensaver.

The traditional streaming event has a beginning and an end - usually measured in hours or minutes - and creating a subscription system for such short-lived items is fairly straight forward with many of the media servers available. Archived content is also fairly easy - it's pretty much just a file which can be dealt with in the same way as any other access problem in a web server system.

In our case we are dealing with content that doesn't stop. We need to be able to create archive files "on the fly" - of various types and sizes - without breaking the stream that is going out to the viewers. We also need to control who has access to the stream - either via DRM (digial rights management) or other access system - by IP, user ID, or ??? DRM is likely to be too heavyweight for the numbers of streams we expect to serve - high CPU overhead in marking streams uniquely, etc.

We would partilcularly appreciate suggestions on alternate ways to control this streaming content.

Volume Needs: We're interested in talking to companies that have in place any technologies that we can take advantage of to handle our expected volumes - 10s of thousands of simultaneous streams from any of many different sources, in near-real-time (seconds of delay, not hours) and continuously for days and weeks on end.

Injecting Ads Into Live Video: We need to deal with injecting advertising into the stream - either as a merged video or as a cut-in - on some streams, while leaving others with nothing extra but maybe a logo "bug". We have some ways of doing this, but are looking for an in-place solution that can handle scheduling of ads, logging, etc.

WEB Site Development: We are in the process of putting up several new websites for this content and are looking for ideas and potentially for help in doing it quickly and as easily as possible.

Our functional needs also include:

Shopping-cart: Our WEB must be able to deal with hard-goods (sizes, bulk quantities, etc.) and downloads (pictures, videos, ring-tones, etc.) with ability to import from a text file (tab delimited) and export similarly. We have the capacity to use VISA, MC etc. We are seeking the most functional and easily administered shopping cart.

Content management system: (we're currently are using Geeklog) including ability to have members with media albums for uploads, etc. (currently using Media Gallery plugin for geeklog). Are there better programs?

Discussion & Video Forums: (looking at phpBB) and possibly chat Sponsor advertising (currently using phpAds) including tracking - but need to integrate this into the video advertising as well.

Above all, we need systems that can grow without having to resort to a single huge computer. "Redundant arrays of inexpensive servers" style. We're currently mostly Linux based and very much interested in staying that way for most of the basic functionality, however we're open to listening about other solutions - or don't mind if the system is one we can simply hand content to and leave the rest to someone else (an option, but we have yet to find anyone able to fulfill this potential).

The hardest part is the provision of the streaming real-time to large numbers of viewers, probably from servers in several locations, and for varying lengths of time (cut off a stream after viewer has seen x minutes / hours or from this time to that time - measured in minutes/hours/days/weeks/months)

We can pretty much do all the rest with the tools and people we have. If you have answers to the problems we've posed we'd love to hear from you.




Satellite Live Streaming: -- Who has this technology? Portable and economical?

We're also interested in hearing from anyone who has done high-bandwidth long-term outbound - inbound connections via satellite link to the Internet; especially if you've done it from really remote places (with bad weather) with solar or other locally generated power.

In short we need to fly into remote locations a complete self sustained system ready to go and have the cameras remotely controlled.

Some of our most exciting subjects are not known for living anywhere near civilization !

Do you have suggestions?

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