40 Years from the Brink of Extinction

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Bad title but totally wonderful book.

As many of our eagle followers know I largely paid my way through university writing and photographing wildlife  -- and particularly eagles.  Eagles have been my life. Our live streaming cams have put the intimate behavior of bald eagles into the homes of many millions of people.  My commercial life became that of a publisher -- not insignificantly portraying eagles as often as I could, but always the thought of the ultimate book on eagles lay ahead, the dream of a lifetime.  Well here it is -- but I didn’t write, photograph or publish it – John D Chaney did and what a magnificent book it is.

Passion is John’s driving force - from getting his first brownie camera at 12 and marketing images throughout the neighborhood to producing this epic portrayal of the magnificent eagles.  I had the privilege of writing a ‘pre-publication review’ so it was wonderful to now receive this Christmas gift.  If you like our eagles you will love this book. 

My comment about the 'bad title' is of course in reference to how we humans had allowed this incredible eagle to nearly disappear -- at least in the US south of the Canadian border.  Thinking of this human disregard for nature is always painful.  Canada always had another 25,000 pairs or more.  Today America is catching up.  While I don't remember meeting John along the eagle trails our paths have traversed the same rivers, stepped over the same salmon carcasses, squinted into the same glaring sun and driving rain time and again with these birds.  I hope our paths continue to cross.

You can order a copy of '40 Years from the Brink of Extinction' from:  http://www.farcountrypress.com/details.php?id=655   $39.95

David Hancock

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