2014 Matching Drive July 16

 The Number 2

I think it was two years ago that I wrote about the number 2 - and the many ways it related to Hancock Wildlife - and I find that's even truer today.

Then, I was hoping we'd have two cams on each active nest - and now we do!

Then, I was hoping we'd have sound on all our nests (a second way to know what's happening) - and now we'd do!

Back in 2006, when a friend told that he'd discovered a camera watching eagles on a nest - I looked in - and was immediately hooked. And I couldn't imagine how it could get better. But every year it has.

And much of the thanks for that goes to you - the members and friends who support Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

All four of our active nests have sound. All four have at least one pan-tilt-zoom cam so our dedicated group of zoomers can see where the adults hang out when they're not on the nest - and see where the fledglings go as they learn to fly.

And having twice as many cameras with at least twice as many features - well, that costs at least twice as much.

We have two wonderful adults at each of our nests - and two eaglets at three of them (and we're hoping that things will work out at Harrison Mills next year, so those wonderful adults will again have eaglets to raise).

And - for two more days - your donation will be doubled!

A small group of long-time supporters have pledged to match up to $2550 in donations - which could mean over $5000 for HWF!

We're encouraging people to use CanadaHelps to make their donations - you'll get an official Canadian tax receipt almost instantly, and it saves HWF valuable time and resources. You don't need to be in Canada to use CanadaHelps - just get out your credit card and click the blue button:

If you prefer to call in your donation, it would be great if you could do that today (July 16); there will be someone at Hancock House waiting to take your call. Or you can use PayPal (another way to reduce the load on the very busy office staff) or any of our other ways to donate:

Thank you all for your support -
and for all you do for HWF - and for the eagles!

Photo Credits: Thanks to sydie for the picture of the picture of the curious youngsters at Delta 2, to eaglenut for the picture of the adventurous fledglings at White Rock, to mjb for the picture of the high-flying branchers at Lafarge, and to IrishEyes for the lovely picture of Mr and Mrs Honeycomb from Harrison Mills.

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