2014 Matching Drive July 15a

Matching Drive Update

In case you haven't noticed (see 2014 Matching Drive Kicks Off!) we've started a three-day matching drive, with a goal of not only giving those who haven't had time to send in their donation towards the cam maintenance and upgrades that will be coming soon an opportunity to donate - but also a bit of a bonus, because up to $2550 in donations will be matched by a group of long-time supporters (at least some of whom have been known to procrastinate themselves!).

Normally when I do an update like this, I'd announce how we're doing in the first few hours of the drive - but, well, I am a procrastinator, so I didn't call to get a total. But I do know that some people made advance donations for the match at FledgeFest, and some have sent in their donations via CanadaHelps (which is a great option, especially for those in Canada, because you'll get an official receipt by return email - Hancock Wildlife is an official Not-For-Profit society in Canada, so donations are tax-deductible for those in Canada). And I've heard that at least one person has called in their donation, and was lucky enough to find someone in the office (Wednesday is the best day to call!). So even without any official numbers, I think we're at least 1/3 of the way to the $2550 we need to get the matching grant - and maybe more than 1/6 of the way to the money we need so David Hancock and his team will be able to do all the work they want to do on our four primary nests - Delta 2, Harrison Mills, Lafarge and White Rock.

So - instead of an update on the finances - I have an update on the eagles. love

Jules, the most adventurous of the pair at White Rock, fledged on Saturday, July 13 (she just couldn't wait until FledgeFest!). And this afternoon, she made a second flight, to a nearby tree where an adult had been seen recently. And this evening, she made a third flight - and that was the final straw for her almost-twin Indy (just 12 hours older) - and Indy took off for a neighboring tree. I can see Jules back at the nest, and can see Indy in a neighboring tree (someone forgot to tell him that flying back up to the nest was a bit harder than flying down - but he's been doing great, so I know he'll get it together soon!) - but it's hard to post a picture of that, so here's one by eaglenut earlier today, of Jules watching while Indy tries his wings

JJ, the older eaglet at Lafarge, is trying out new branches - and Jess, the younger eagle, is quite thrilled to have the entry level branch available, and is getting very comfortable on it! JJ is on the diagonal branch in the back in this great capture by byline - and soon disappeared into the leaves hiding the branch over his head!

Ariel and Hunter at Delta 2 are a bit younger - but as this great capture by sydie shows - they're planning ahead for their first flights!

So - bottom line - we need your support so we can do the annual maintenance on the cams, clean the lenses, add more mics so all the cams have sound, and replace the cams that are no longer working. And if you donate in the next two days, your donation will be matched, up to a total of $2550 - donate $25 and HWF gets $50. And tomorrow, July 16, is the one day this week that staff will be available so you can call in your donation on our 800 line 1-800-938-1114. (You can use our other ways to donate any time.)

Please help.

And a big thanks to all who have already donated! Thank You

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