2014 Matching Drive July 15

2014 Matching Drive Kicks Off!

Hi everyone! Have you been thinking about donating to Hancock Wildlife and waited and waited and then thought - oh darn, I missed the fundraiser? Well you are in luck. A group of long-time supporters have decided to put together a matching fundraising pot of $2550 to try to get those last needed dollars. You can think of them as the ‘procrastinator support group.’ Starting today, Tuesday, 7-15-14 and running through Thursday, 7-17-14, your donation of $10 or $20 becomes $20 or $40 during this matching fundraiser. The nest adoption/fund raising drive, to date, has gotten us over 50% of the way towards the $17,000 goal for cam clean up. (Thank you Debs, Bev, Jean, Sharon, Annie, Sydie, Lav and TX!) Hancock Wildlife will do its annual maintenance, re-wiring and nest inspection in September. This is a narrow window of opportunity for Hancock Wildlife because the parents will be off nest for the salmon run. All cam work must be completed before the parents return to avoid nest disruption.

Still not sure? Besides providing a window into the world of the Bald Eagle....

The cams and viewer observations also provide valuable research information for those interested in the Eagles and their family raising techniques. Viewers were instrumental in seasons past with the rescue of eaglets Oreo and Flyer. They also got to document what appeared to be Delta Ma’s attempt to comfort Jet by bringing a stuffed teddy to the nest. White Rock parents brought what appeared to be a toy chipmunk to their eaglets a couple years ago. Observers got to document the raising of a single eaglet from hatch to fledge by Delta's Ma and Pa with Tux. We would not be aware of such interactions without the cams and the viewers. The cams also provide learning tools to school children with internet access in the classroom. They are the next generation in caring for the Bald Eagles and other wildlife.

This year observers got to see White Rock rise again (Jules and Indy) with two eaglets, after last year’s wild goings on. And Delta observers cheered Ma on as she was determined to have a successful nest even with a broken leg (Ariel and Hunter). LaFarge has JJ and Jess and while Harrison Mills was not successful this year, they could rebound for next nest season, just like White Rock did.

So please join with the ‘procrastinator support group’ and make your donation between 7-15-14 and 7-17-14. You can do this by going to CanadaHelps. Anyone can donate using CanadaHelps and it also provides official Canadian tax donation receipts.

Another option is PayPal if you do not need a formal Canadian tax donation receipt.

There is a 4% service charge for CanadaHelps and PayPal so if you can give a little extra, that would be great.

A third option is calling the HWF Office at 1-800-938-1114, on Wednesday only, 7-16-14, during business hours and Lorraine will be happy to help you.

If you are able to support Hancock Wildlife with a donation of $150 or above, mailing a check or money order is the preferred method (made out to Hancock Wildlife Foundation), with a post mark by 7-17-14 to be included in the matching drive.

Canada Address:
Hancock Wildlife Foundation
19313 Zero Avenue
Surrey, BC, Canada
V3S 9R9

United States Address:
Hancock Wildlife Foundation
1431 Harrison Ave,
Blaine, WA, USA

Thank you so much for your support!

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