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Here are images from a few of our many discussion/observation threads:

Photo Credits: Thanks to algonquinlover, anna-holland, BET, byline, cococat9, debs, deewerms, eaglewoman, edkeagle, elle, Ferenz, Gabi, gemini, golden1, HikerBikerGram, IrishEyes, Janet Preston, JudyB, Karen Saunders, lianaliesma, Linda Frazier, Lonette, MaryF, mia, mjb, ostrich, queenie, sassyk, shrub, SMW, sunshinecoast, urdognu for the wonderful screenshots and photographs I used in the collage - and I could have easily made one twice as big with equally wonderful pictures from other threads, if only there were a few more days in the week!

Please click the Read More link to see where each image was taken - and by whom!

A few of the many threads on the Hancock Wildlife forum:

VICTORIA BC Hummingbird
Cam 2013/ 2014

s'cap by IrishEyes

Bald Eagle Nests in Sechelt, BC on the Sunshine Coast 2013/2014 Season

Stalashen Nest
photo by sunshinecoast

Estonia White Tailed Eagle Nest Cam 2013-2014

s'cap by mia

Lake Casitas Eagles, Ojai, California - 2013 - Bald Eagle Nest Ground Observations

photo by Linda Frazier
posted with permission by urdognu

Nelson Hydro -- Nelson, BC Osprey

photo courtesy of Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.)
posted by MaryF

Turtle Bay, CA - 2014 - Bald Eagle Cam

photo by eaglewoman

Australian Sea-Eagles - 2014

s'cap by gemini

Eagles4Kids Blair, Wisconsin - Bald Eagle Cam 2014

s'cap by golden1

Ardmore Bald Eagle Nest 2013-2014 Season

photo by elle

Oak Bay Eagles - 2013/2014 Season

Fire Hall Nest
photo by sassyk

Latvia Osprey Cam

s'caps by Karen Saunders

PF Cam - Rome, Italy 2010-2014

s'cap by Ferenz

2014-White Stork of Germany&EU

Dinkelsbuehl Nest
s'cap by Gabi

Ma & Pa Sidney 2013-2014 Season

photo by algonquinlover

NE Florida Eagle Nest Cam--2013--2014

s'cap by lianaliesma

Garden Fence Chat

photo by IrishEyes

Osprey..Halifax, N.S.--2014

s'cap by IrishEyes

Eagles Along The Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers

photo by HikerBikerGram

Orange County, CA ..Hummingbird Cam 2013/2014

s'cap by sassyk

Dyfi Wales Osprey Cam

s'cap by Ferenz

2013/14 Gordon Terrace Elementary School, Cranbrook, BC

photo by SMW

Lesser Spotted Eagles (Eha+Koit) Estonia-2013-2014

s'cap by mia

Calgary Osprey 2014

s'cap by BET

Coopers Hawk (accipiter cooperri)

photo by ostrich

Semiahmoo, Washington Eagles

Semiahmoo Spit moonrise
photo by edkeagle

2014-White Stork of Germany&EU

Markdorf Nest
s'cap by Gabi

SW Florida Eagle Cam - 2014 - Bald Eagle Cam

s'cap by urdognu

White Stork Cam - Netherlands 2010-2014

s'cap by anna-holland

Blackwater Refuge MD - 2014 - Bald Eagle Cam

s'cap by Lonette

Hastings Street/PNE Nest 2010-2014 - Vancouver

release of rescued eaglet
photo by shrub

PF Cam - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2010-2014

s'cap by MaryF

Great Horned Owl Cam - Oklahoma City

s'cap by mia

Laysan Albatross, Kauai, Hawaii

s'cap by sassyk

Berry College (Georgia) Eagle Nest Cam--2013/14

s'cap by lianaliesma

Backyard Critters

photo by edkeagle

Canmore, AB - FortisAlberta Cam

photo of nest and cam by Janet Preston

San Diego Panda cam ~ Gao-Bai Yun Family

s'cap by queenie

Hellgate Canyon, MT 2014

s'cap by mjb

Fort St. Vrain, Co. 2014 Bald Eagle Cam

s'cap by cococat9

2014-White Stork of Germany&EU

Stollhofen Nest
s'cap by Gabi

Kalakotkas 2 Estonian Osprey Cam

s'cap by mia

Peregrine Falcon Cam-Heidelberg, Germany 2010-2014

s'cap by Ferenz

Black Eagle Project~2014~South Africa

s'cap by byline

Maine Coast - 2014 - Bald Eagle Cam

s'cap by debs

NCTC - 2014 Nesting Season - Shepherdstown, WV

s'cap by deewerms

California Condor Cam - San Diego Zoo Safari Park, California, US

s'cap by sassyk

Gentoo Penguins Cam - Antarctic

s'cap by Ferenz

Eagles Along The Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers

photo by HikerBikerGram

Dunrovin Ranch, MT - 2014 - Osprey Cam

s'cap by JudyB

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