Nelson osprey mystery solved

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The mystery of what happened to the male osprey so many have come to know from the Nelson Hydro/Columbia Wireless nest webcam west of Nelson was solved Wednesday when the body of the bird was found in a deep ravine.

“Yes, we’re relieved,” said Nelson Hydro line manager Doug Pickard. “It’s never a good feeling when you don’t know what happened.”

“He had a nice sized fish in his talons,” he said.

Pickard said they now know the bird had a run-in with a high-voltage power line that caused the power outage at 5 a.m. in the Grohman area on (Friday) June 20.

Working with a local bird biologist, Nelson Hydro determined that the remaining two chicks in the nest would likely die of dehydration if left unfed.

With the verbal approval of Fish and Wildlife, Nelson Hydro decided to supply fish to the nest via a bucket truck after dad had been missing for three days. Within a couple hours the chicks were well fed.

“At this age the chicks are highly susceptible to predation and it’s a fair distance to the lake,” said Pickard.

“We’re in some ways responsible for this guy’s demise. If the birds don’t make it, it won’t be because we didn’t try.”

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