2013 Fund Drive July 10

Exciting news - and a new challenge!

As you know, the eaglets are getting closer to fledging! Tux has begun sleeping on branches at night (s'cap courtesy of txsun) - and is beginning to move all over the tree!

- and thanks to the great support of so many forum members, supporters, and cam watchers - we have raised $1855 so far in our three day matching drive - so we've already met and exceeded the initial $1700 challenge! (Note that I said the initial challenge has been met - because there's more!)

Feathers still sleeps in the nest at night but spends much of the day branching - and has started spending time on the higher branches, though her favorite is still the one that offers a close up view -

- and we have a new challenge! Thanks to another long-time friend of the eagles, donations up to $2200 will be matched!

We are still encouraging people to use CanadaHelps to make their donations - you'll get a receipt almost instantly, and it saves HWF valuable time and resources. And you don't need to be in Canada to use CanadaHelps!

If you prefer to call in your donation, there will be someone at Hancock House today (Wednesday, July 10) to take your call. Or you can use any of our other ways to donate:

(s'cap of Feathers by the awesome Lafarge observer team)

Even Birdie is beginning to do some practice branching on the edge of the nest.

And like Birdie, our fund drive has a way to go before it's ready to fledge. David Hancock is working on the final budget for getting all of eagle cams up and running - adding a second working cam with infrared at Delta 2, hopefully adding sound at Harrison Mills, checking the wiring at Lafarge that apparently looks like an eagle appetizer because they keep trying to nibble on it - and some of you have noticed that we now have two PTZ cams at White Rock, though the second one hasn't done much zooming yet. And he's hoping to have the PTZ cams at Chehalis again this fall, watching the thousands of eagles that come to town for the salmon run!

The whole maintenance/update project is budgeted at $35,000 - and thanks to some incredible sponsors and to David Hancock, we're expecting that $25,000 of that will be covered - which leaves $10,000. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and our fabulous matching drive sponsors - we've already raised more than a third of that! And knowing what a great group of people we have here - I think it's very likely that we'll match the new total of $2200 by midnight - and wouldn't be surprised if we were halfway there by morning!

I am so excited - $1855 so far - and up to $2200 in matching grants - and we're well on the way to raising the remaining $10,000 we need to keep the cams streaming!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. love

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