As the Calgary Zoo rebuilds from the devastation of recent flooding, signs are beginning to emerge showing the zoo’s residents are continuing to thrive.

On Friday, June 28, nearly a week after floodwaters reached their apex on St. George’s Island, Penelope the meerkat gave birth to a litter of five healthy pups.

The burrows of the meerkat enclosure, situated in the African Savannah building, collapsed on Friday June 21 as murky water from the Bow River made its way over the walls of the exhibit.  The zoo’s five adult meerkats, who had been left in their enclosure under the assumption the floodwaters would not reach such a height, were sent scrambling for higher ground.

Zoo curator, Dr. Malu Celli, and event technician, Josh Watson, responded to the building and rescued Petunia, Kruger, Kwando, Karoo and the pregnant Penelope.

The meerkats were transported to the Calgary Zoo’s Animal Centre where, a week later, Penelope gave birth to the pups.