Artificial eaglesí nest erected on port land

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Eagle biologist David Hancock makes final inspections on a brand new eagles’s nest before it is erected on Port Metro Vancouver waterfront land.

Photograph by: NEWS photo , Mike Wakefield

PORT Metro Vancouver, under the guidance of eagle biologist David Hancock, has finished installing an artificial eagles’ nest meant to replace a natural nest destroyed on Thursday.

Work crews erected the 75-foot pole topped with a six-foot wide nest on Friday morning in hopes that two eagles that occupy the territory will call it home and breed in it.

Hancock has high expectations the pair will take to the nest this season.

The original nest sat in a cottonwood tree on East Esplanade. PMV removed the nest on Thursday morning and is planning to bring the tree down next week to make room for a Spirit Trail connection as part of the Low Level Road expansion project.

Protesters held up workers’ first attempt to bring the tree down last Monday.

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