2012 Fund Drive

Win the Chance of a Lifetime
While Supporting Next Year's Eagle Cam Program

Thanks to David Hancock, everyone who donates to Hancock Wildlife Foundation between May 1 and July 31, 2012, will not only help make it possible for us to do the maintenance and upgrades needed so we can have better - and more - cams streaming in 2013, but will also have a chance to win one of four great prizes!

In early August, we'll be drawing four names.  The first person whose name is drawn will get their choice of the following prizes, and each of the next three people drawn will get their choice of the prizes that remain.  There is only one boat trip, but duplicates of the other prizes are possible, so all four winners will have their choice of at least three prizes.

Prize #1 - 2 tickets on a Fraser River Safari Tour of Harrison River with David Hancock as guide. The FRS Tour up the Harrison - Chehalis Rivers is by far the best way to view the wintering eagles.  Most of us feel lucky when we see an eagle - and it's quite common to see thousands of eagles gathered here during the 60-90 minute tour, and David once counted 7,362 eagles from the boat in a two-kilometer section of the river!  The most popular tours are those that have David along as a guest speaker - and one lucky person and a friend will have a chance to be there and view what just might be the largest gathering of birds of prey in the world!

collage of eagle nestsPrize #2 - a 4-hour tour of eagle nests in the lower mainland of British Columbia with David Hancock. 

You may not see these particular nests - but there are something like 380 eagle nests in the lower Fraser Valley area, so I think I can safely guarantee that you'll see a whole lot of eagles, and learn a whole lot about them - and I know you'll have a wonderful time! 

December through July is the best time for seeing lots and lots of eagles, but with David's knowledge of the area, there will be plenty to see whenever you're able to come for your tour.

Or - David is prepared to substitute a 4-hour personal tour of the Boundary Bay - Surrey nests and feeding areas.  That tour can be any time David is available except between July 15 and October 1.


photo of David Hancock with camerasPrize #3 -  a signed print of one of David Hancock's images.  David is not only a noted biologist, conservationist, writer and publisher - he's also an excellent photographer!   I don't know if David will have a photograph in the 2013 Hancock Wildlife Calendar - but I do love his picture of the bold eaglet on the cover of the 2012 calendar - and know the picture he chooses for this prize will be great!

But there's more!  As you may know, Christian Sasse is another superb photographer who has taken many fantastic images of the eagles along Boundary Bay, including the White Rock eagles featured on our web cams.  And the winner who chooses prize #3 will also receive their choice of one of Christian's beautiful prints:
Thumbnail of Christian Sasse image Contemplation
Click "Contemplation" (above) to see larger versions of the four prints available.


tote bag and travel mugs from Cafe Press store

Prize #4 - a tote bag and two travel mugs from our Cafe Press Store.  The bag is perfect for toting binoculars and cameras as you go out in search of eagles - and knowing that early morning is the best time to see some wildlife, perhaps a cup of tea or coffee would be useful as well!

One mug features a picture of Charlie and Delta, the 2011 chicks from White Rock, being fed just a few days after they hatched.  Looking at those tiny balls of fluff, it's hard to believe that they'll be as big as their parents - and flying - in about twelve weeks!

The other mug features Flyer, the oldest chick from the 2011 Sidney nest, showing just how big and beautiful fledgling eagles are as they head out into the world.

Or - you can choose Linux travel mugs, or any two of our current designs, in place of those above (link to our CafePress store where you can see the designs available).

More Ways to Win:

Everyone who donates to Hancock Wildlife Foundation between May 1 and July 31, 2012, gets one ticket entered into the drawing for these fabulous prizes; those who donate $100 or more get an additional ticket for each $100 donated, up to $1000; above $1000, an additional ticket is added for each additional $1000.  All donations made during that time period will be combined, so if you gave $25 in May, another $25 in June and $50 in July, you would get an additional chance to win because your donations totaled $100.

No Need to Wait:

You'll be seeing some posts over the next few weeks highlighting some of the special projects and ongoing expenses that will be possible because of your support - but you don't have to wait for them in order to donate.  All you need to do is click the button below to see the five easy ways you can donate to Hancock Wildlife Foundation - and perhaps win one of these great prizes.  Thank you.

click to donate to Hancock Wildlife

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