Government reveals England badger cull trial to stop TB spread

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Badger culling will be tried out in two areas of England in the new year in an attempt to tackle bovine TB in cattle, the government has said.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said a decision would be made after the trials in yet-to-be-decided locations on extending it across the country.

"Evidence shows that unless we tackle the disease in badgers we'll never eradicate it in cattle", she told MPs.

"We need to stop it spreading, bring it under control and eradicate it."

Mrs Spelman said she knew there was "a great strength of feeling on the issue" and realised how much opposition there was to a cull, but action had to be taken before the situation got worse.

"We can't escape the fact that the evidence supports the case for the controlled reduction of the badger population in the areas affected by bovine TB," she said.

"The impacts of this terrible disease also show us that we need to act now. We cannot keep delaying. Having listened to all sides of the debate, I believe that this approach is the right one to make."

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