Introducing Tweet

Tweet on her eggsTweet is an Anna’s Hummingbird. Nesting in a garden in Victoria BC.
Her nesting season is from December to August. During that time period will lay two eggs almost every six weeks. In fact, when one batch of chicks gets too large for her to sit on, she will make another nest and lay another two eggs and she sits on those while still feeding her near fledged chicks!


Laying the eggs

She lays two eggs, about a day and a half apart. This becomes obvious in the development of the chicks because one is always a bit ahead of the other, in hatching, feeding and even fledging. You get to realize just how vital a single day can be in the life of a hummingbird when you see how fast they develop.

The eggs

The eggs are about the size of coffee beans and have a soft papery shell. When the chick emerges, the shell collapses like a soft paper bag and becomes part of the nest floor. The chicks have no little point on their beak like other birds so they break through the eggshell by simply getting to big for it and splitting it like a sprout out of a seed.

Information extracted from the Humming Birds Up Close website




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