World watching as Lily the Bear gives Birth to Two cubs

Lily the black bear became an instant internet phenomenon last January when the birth of her first cub, Hope, was broadcast live over the internet.

Now, one year less-a-day later, Lily gave birth to two more cubs as the world, and one year old Hope, looked on. The event was streamed over the internet by the North American Bear Center from Lily’s den near Ely, Minnesota. Thousands were glued to computer screens to watch the happy moments and post to Lily the Bear’s facebook page.

Lily went into labor at about 5:08PM CST January 20, as evidenced by signs that she had begun to clench her teeth. Her first cub was born today at 1:51 PM CST. The second followed at 3:03 PM CST. Since then viewers have been listening for the sounds of the newborns feeding and hoping to catch a look at the cubs.

Researchers at the NABC now have a unique opportunity to study how female bears manage yearlings and newborn cubs at the same time.

Members of the HWF have been documenting the events of the last 2 days on our forum.

Check out their hard work here:  Discussion of Lily the Bear and her new Cubs


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