Where are the bald eagle cams at Chehalis this year?

Posted on behalf of David Hancock:

With all the media attention on this record breaking number of bald eagles here in the Fraser Valley on the Chehalis/Harrison river estuary, we've been asked "why don't we have even one Chehalis cam running  -- with 5000 eagles out there"?  Well it is dollars.  $6-7,000 is needed immediately and at least $2-3,000 more to keep it running for a couple of months.  And perhaps someone with $10,000 to spare will give a call.

The equipment for the platform is all ready and waiting for delivery. We need transportation out to the platform plus money for fuel for the fuel cell and for the server and network infrastructure at the base station. The previous base system has been re-located to another site and is in use, and we need to do some changes to be able to get at the equipment without going into the regional district's pump house; a new, external enclosure for the equipment.

604-538-1114 or 800-938-1114

Thank you.

Karen Bills                                                                                                                                                          Project Coordinator for HWF


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