Chehalis River - 3000 eagles feast along a mile of the river

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From David Hancock:

Hancock Here:  The Chehalis -- Harrison Complex has record numbers of eagles concentrated and viewable from the Fraser River Safari Tours boat.  We are going to undertake two tours + this Saturday, Nov. 27th, directly from Kilby.

Jo-Anne just called to say they had done the trip yesterday and, with the river so low in water, the fish and eagles are totally concentrated along the Harrison banks to the east -- the area so easily visited with their jet boat.

While the 11 am tour is sold out they are going to run another short 1 1/2 hour tour just up from Kilby to the hot spots -- only 3 miles.  Jo estimates over 3000 eagles in this small section.  Check for the bargain price to see the world's largest density of bald eagles.  So this is an incredible opportunity to see and photograph the eagles at close range -- and from the warm and protected tour boat.  I will be on each tour to talk about this incredible phenomena.

We may also redo this again the following weekend so you keeners on the east coast have time to get to this biological wonder.  Check out for additional upcoming tours.  Few spawning salmon this year, up the northern sections of the BC coast, has driven record numbers of eagles south to the Chehalis - Harrison complex.

David Hancock

Photo used by permission Paul Henderson, Chilliwack Times.  Note the band on the adult bald eagle's leg.  This eagle was previously rehabilitated.  Good to see it doing well in the wild.  Click twice to see picture full size.

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