Eagle release opens annual festival

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It's a wetter than usual November day, with unrelenting rain. But more than 100 people are gathered at Kilby Beach, near Agassiz.

A large crate is lugged down to the sand, gingerly carried by two volunteers.

Children from Deroche elementary school run and play in the muck, ignoring the ceremonial First Nations welcoming. But when the crate is ready to be opened, they quiet down, and wait.

Slowly, carefully, a large mottled eagle is eased out of the crate. Volunteer Ralph Smith is dwarfed by the massive bird, named Bella. He cradles her in his arms and shows the crowd.

And then, on the count of three, he turns toward the Harrison River, and lets her go.

Bella pushes off, takes the air, and makes it to a low-lying tree on the other shore. The three-year-old eagle is free.

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.bclocalnews.com/fraser_valley/missioncityrecord/community/109022779.html


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