Bald eagle killed in N.B. was oldest found in wild


The dead bird found on a New Brunswick highway earlier this year turned out to be no ordinary roadkill specimen.

Biologists have traced the metal ring on the raptor's leg to a bird-banding program in Maine in 1977, making the avian accident victim the oldest bald eagle ever documented in the wild.

Despite its death in April after being struck by a car east of St. Stephen, N.B., the creature's unprecedented longevity is seen as a hopeful sign of the resurgence of the iconic species -- a potent symbols of U.S. patriotism -- after its threatened extinction in the 1960s.

Bruce Peterjohn, chief of the Bird Banding Laboratory at the U.S. Geological Survey's Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland, said the eagle's record-setting age -- pegged at 32 years, 10 months -- suggests habitat rehabilitation efforts and other bi-national conservation measures are giving members of the majestic species a much better chance of living a long, well-fed life than they had 40 years ago.

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David Hancock will be interviewed LIVE on Tuesday November 16, 9:30AM Pacific Time

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