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Mary Lake sits in the midst of a treasured 107-acre (43-hectare) parcel of carefully conserved and endangered Dry Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem in the District of Highlands on the southern end of Vancouver Island.

The Mary Lake property provides habitat for mammals such as deer and otter, fish, birds and a variety of reptiles and amphibians, as well as a diverse array of plant species. Lying between Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and Thetis Lake Regional Park, the Mary Lake property provides an important wildlife corridor between these two large areas of parkland.

The Mary Lake Conservancy was formed by a group of concerned District of Highlands residents that want to preserve Mary Lake and the surrounding forest land. With help from the Highlands Stewardship Foundation and the global eco-community, the Conservancy is working to save this carefully conserved and endangered Dry Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem for future generations.

To protect and conserve the beautiful Mary Lake property, The Mary Lake Conservancy must raise $4.5 million – of which $1 million must be raised by January 2011.

To learn more and make a donation please visit:

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