N.S. bounty on coyotes to begin

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 When David Hancock does his presentation about bald eagles, he tells the sad, sad tale of the near eradication of eagles in the Pacific Northwest by governments who considered them vermin and paid a bounty for each pair of talons turned in. I thought those days were long gone ... 


SYDNEY, N.S. - A coyote bounty begins Friday in Nova Scotia after provincewide reports of aggressive encounters, including a fatal attack on a young woman in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The province will pay licensed trappers $20 per pelt and is training 15 trappers to specifically target coyotes that have lost their fear of humans.

Provincial biologist Mike Boudreau said that in cases of coyote aggression, the province will trap on Crown and private lands after first seeking approval of the landowner.

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Nova Scotia puts bounty on 'aggressive' Coyotes

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