Seal pup found at Centennial Beach

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rescued—Delta Animal Control Officer Tamara Bissett received a call from the public about a two-day-old seal pup on Centennial Beach, which she took to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver. Contributed photo

The public is reminded to leave baby seals alone after a two-day-old pup was discovered on Centennial Beach.

The seal pup was found June 18 on the beach in Boundary Bay, which Delta animal control officer Tamara Bissett says is not an uncommon occurrence.

Like in past situations curious passerby did not leave the pup alone, and Bissett was called in to transport it to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, a non-profit organization based at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Bissett described this seal pup as having a full coat of hair and sucking on its back foot, indicating it was hungry.

The rescue centre will raise and release the seal pup when it reaches an appropriate weight, said Sarah Lowe, Delta Community Animal Shelter manager.



Lowe asks that the public keep back from any marine mammals they discover on the beach, and to keep pets away.

"A lot of seals do get bitten by other animals on the beach," she says.

As a past employee and volunteer with the rescue centre, Lowe has seen many people who think a seal pup has been abandoned and take them unnecessarily. But, she says, moms will often leave their pup on dry land while she forages for food.

And while the public may not be able to see mom in the sea, she is likely out there and is not going to return for her pup with people around.



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