Shot-gunned eagle soars again

By KATU News and Staff

Story Published: Jun 14, 2010 at 11:30 AM PDT

A bald eagle shot with shot-gun BBs flies again Saturday after six weeks of rehabilitation in Astoria.


RAINIER, Ore. – A 5-year-old bald eagle injured with bird shot and found on a beach near Rainier, Ore., in late-April was released over the weekend.

The bird's June12 release, just east of Astoria, follows six weeks of rehabilitation after being found by two horseback riders near Dibblee Point Beach on the Columbia River. It was rehabilitated at the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, based in Astoria.



X-rays showed multiple shot-gun BBs in her head, neck, body, and both wings. One of the BBs was near her left eye, causing the bird to go blind in that eye.

"She adjusted well to her blindness and was able to negotiate the center's 150-foot flight cage without problems, said Wildlife Center Director Sharnelle Fee in a press release over the weekend. "She was so wild and unhappy in captivity that it was evident that she could never be kept in captivity."

We're told the eagle has the wild still in her and despite losing sight in her left eye should have a chance at freedom. Before being freed she was fed some medicine, fluids and a dinner of raw quail.  

At Saturday's release, the eagle "flew well" and successfully landed high in a Douglas Fir, Fee said. The eagle then "was promptly dive-bombed and screeched at by a pair of Red Tailed Hawks 'welcoming' her back into the wild," Fee said.

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